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The current year we have had a lot of changes here at Voi. A Norwegian family have joined us and will be helping us with turning the media work towards the new strategy of Scripture Mission. Please excuse our outdated webpages, they will be more up to date in a short time. We will also have a facebook page that you can connect to that will be a more dynamic part of our website.

Please take note of the new e-mail for the guesthouse:
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The genesis of the whole idea of outreach was to reach the people of God and fellowship together in one on one mode. This is done through visiting churches, learning institutions, prisons, rescue centres and the like. This time we thought of mixing the active generation together under one roof.

The Safisha blog

Why did we think of Safisha conference? 
The youth are faced by many challenges and many times they go untold, we feel that the issues are better addressed by youngsters themselves since tis the wearer who knows where the shoe pinches. Paul blew this trumpet loudly to the romans in the 14th verse of the 10th chapter... And how will they know if no one tells them. Thus we chose to pick up the task since we are in that youth bracket, depending fully on God`s guidance.

The bible in Psalms 119;9 echoes that the only way a young man can cleanse his ways is by taking heed and keeping watch according to the word of God. Theres great need for the youth to cleanse their ways hence Safisha fits Pap.

Why we chose youth as the target group? 
We feel that this group is easily swayed by almost every new development,they are vulnerable and very delicate since they are slipery. This gathering we believe will drive sense and  ignite a new look of life amongst youth which will help them shun evil, irresponsible activities and embrace a Godfearing life that has the best fruits Jesus being the pilot in this journey.

Who are the Safisha initiators? 
The vision bearers of this are solely the Scripture mission Voi radio team and transmission Crew sifa fm always moving forward to spread the word of God through 24 hours radio transmission.

The plan is to create a strong bond and a clear network to link us through and through and help us address the passage of youthful stage into maturity while trusting, loving and looking upon God as the only source of help. This is an ongoing process because the team has established a fulltime communication system both online,on phone and physical through a clear perfect  database.We are trusting God for another event like this next year, and many years to come. This is not the end but just the beginning of a very fruitful journey.
May God almighty help us always as we enjoy serving Him in our youthful days, Lets cleanse our ways for without that, we cant serve our maker neither can we see Him. We should all remember in our longterm memory that this is absolutely for the glory of God alone and not any man.
«If we dont serve Him - Who will?»

Welcome all and God bless us all.

Prepared by Evanson Msafiri – Team leader.

Scripture Mission Radio (SMR) is the radio department of Scripture Mission East Africa (NLM East Africa) and has been operational since 1982. The department runs a number of ministries- some directly linked to the Radio Ministry and some as support projects.

- SIFA FM 107.7
- Gospel Music Production
- Project Hannah
- SM Conference Facility-Voi
- Fruit Farm and Fish Ponds
- Safisha conference

Our strength and motivation are based on the truth that, the lost will never believe in Christ until they hear the message about him. For, “…faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the Word of Christ” (Rom. 10:17). You are welcome to privilege and joy of partnering with us as we partner with Christ in building His Church.

In an effort to raise our local income and to link with the community around us, Scripture Mission runs a small farm with approximately 90 orange trees, 2000 Moringa trees, and a 1200 seedlings’ nursery. In addition the farm has three 14-metre-diameter fish ponds stocked with Tilapia.

Besides being an income earner, the farm and fish ponds ensure our ministry’s contact with the community around us through educational tours and the sale of seedlings and tilapia fingerlings to farmers.

The guesthouse at Scripture Mission can accommodate groups as well as single travellers for an overnight stay and meals.

Voi is situated along the road from Nairobi to Mombasa, close to one of the gates of Tsavo East National Park. If you plan to drive from Nairobi to the coast, Scripture Mission Voi will be a perfect place to spend one or more nights. You will be able to see the site where NLMs mission work in Kenya started in 1971, and experience the bird and animal life in one of the largest national parks in Kenya.

From the guesthouse in Voi

SM Conference Facility-Voi This is a forty- bed conference facility with every basic need for a workshop, seminar, business planning retreats, family retreats, and group holidays. The facility is located only 3 km from Voi town, thus ensuring both proximity to town services and the silence we all treasure while on a seminar or retreat.

Scripture Mission Conference facility is well-suited for short evangelism missions, and missions educational tours. We have in the past hosted a number of Norwegian Folk High schools, the TeFT group and other organized groups. Again, being only 5km from the famous Tsavo East National Park, the guest facility is well suited for game drives and people interested in wildlife research in the park.

Money collected from the conference facility goes directly into the Radio Ministry. Your stay at the Scripture Mission conference facility helps somebody hear the Gospel. Come stay with us! Come partner with us!

Welcome to Voi!

Scripture Mission Voi

Pricelist (prices are per night)

Adults self contained: Ksh 1,500
Cottages per day: Ksh 2,500
Cottages per month: Ksh 35,000

Meals are available but upon request. Make arrangement by Contacting SM Voi for prices.

Under one year      -10% of adults rates
Children 1-5 years -25% of adult rates
Children 6 -10years - 50% of adults rates.
11 years and above Full rate

Adults self contained: Ksh 1000
Cottages per day: Ksh 2,000
Cottages per month: Ksh 30,000

Meals are available but upon request. Make arrangement by Contacting SM Voi for prices.

Under one year      -10% of adults rates
Children 1-5 years -25% of adult rates
Children 6 -10years - 50% of adults rates.
11 years and above Full rate

Please take note of the new e-mail for the guesthouse:

Scripture Mission, P.O.Box 100, Voi

Hezron Mwasi - Station manager
Phone: +254 721 460 694

phone no: +254 728 864 323